All of our teachers are certified Johnny G. Spinning instructors.

Elmo MoralesElmo Morales - A physical educator for the Ann Arbor Public Schools for over thirty years and a former competitive runner for University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor Track Club. He specializes in interval training.
Susan MoralesSusan Morales - A retired psychotherapist, she helps students achieve an integrated mind/body workout. You'll learn about breathing and meditation, too!
Jeanette FigurelJeanette Figurel - Jeanette has been teaching spinning for over six years in several facilities around the area. You'll enjoy her spunk and enthusiasm. Be ready for a high-ten at the end of class!
LeaPhotoLea McGregor - Lea has been a psychotherapist and a fitness instructor in the Ann Arbor area for 25 years.  She feels blessed to help people find the strongest and most authentic expressions of themselves.
Spinning is a particular passion because it blends focus, challenge and joy in movement.
MichaelSmMichael Abner - Michael is an avid cyclist, runner and rower and has been instructing indoor cycling for 3 years. His classes build strength, endurance, and power in a setting that promotes confidence and team spirit. Each class guarantees a sense of accomplishment upon completion. You want fitness?? Put the work in!
Kathy1smEkaterina Anguelova- Kahty has coached gymnastics for 10 yrs and is a true health and fitness activist. In looking for a way to work on her cardio --without running -- she started spinning®! She truly enjoys the challenges and the friendly environment, which helped her want to become part of the spinning® community.