What is Spinning and who is it for?

If you can sit on a bicycle, you can participate. In a structured class setting, you are led by a certified instructor who uses music, imagery and goal setting to simulate a ride on the open road and guide you through changing terrain.

Each ride focuses on one of five energy zones: Recovery, Strength, Endurance, Interval, or Race Day. Using heart rate monitors you are challenged to work in the appropriate target range. You set the level of difficulty to suit your ability. This way, all levels of ability can ride together and get the desired workout.

Low impact
Low learning curve
You work at the intensity you desire
Cross training to enhance performance in competitive sports
Clears your mind, releases endorphins
Reduces stress
Improves awareness of mind/body connection
Helps shape legs and buttocks
Improves cardiovascular functioning

 Energy Zones

Maximum benefits are gained using heart rate monitors that help you maintain your intensity at the desired level. Each class focuses on one of the five energy zones.

Recovery – An essential part of any training or fitness regimen, working at 50 – 52 % of heart rate maximum (HRM), gives the body a feeling of being gently massaged and of gathering energy.

Endurance – Working in the 65 – 75% range of HRM, the body burns mostly fat. It trains your body to set a pace and stay with it, becoming an efficient fat burner.

Strength – The goal in training in this zone, 75 – 85% of HRM, is to build power in the muscle. Mostly done on “hills,” that is, with resistance, the muscle is worked enough that it breaks down and rebuilds. Recovery afterwards is essential to reduce soreness.

All Terrain – This is the most varied workout using flats,hills quick pace and recovery periods taking the heart rate through the range from 65 – 92%. Working aerobically and anaerobically the goal is to see the ability of your heart to recover after intense exertion.

Race Day – Working in the 85 – 92% range of HRM this workout burns mostly carbohydrates. It is training for maintaining a near anaerobic threshhold for a long period. Particularly suited for the competitive athlete.