An invitation…

As former runners we have chosen Spinning® as an alternative for our fitness goals. It’s fun, challenging, invigorating and every ride comes with an endorphin “high.” Our running friends love it for cross training.

Yours in fitness,

Elmo and Susan Morales


See what our customers are saying…….

Great new venue! Lots of light. As usual the instruction is excellent.
Highly recommend spinning® for an
aerobic workout.

Nathan Oaklander


I’m really enjoying the spinning classes and the style in which they are taught…I like Susan and Elmos’s energy! A nice mix of relaxing and motivating!

Marci Fishman


Elmo and Susan Morales have created a unique spinning venue – extremely friendly and supportive atmosphere, capable and thoughtful instruction, an interesting and amicable mix of spinners, plenty of bikes, a convenient downtown location….and a bargain to boot!”

Doug Kelbaugh
Downtown resident
(and dean UM Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning)


“My blood pressure dropped from 140/90 to 108/70 after a couple years
of spinning. It is great to get fit and healthy while having so much fun.”

Deb Gilbert

I have a very early commute to work and am on my feet all day. After work I enjoy going to spinning class and relaxing from my day. Elmo and Susan provided a great workout, and I have more energy to get through the work week. The instructors are very motivating and provide encouragement to help you achieve your goals. I would highly recommend spinning classes to anyone that would like to make fitness a part of their life.

Lisa Brant


“Even as an experienced downhill skiier, the first day is usually torture for my legs. This year, using spinning as training, my legs were ready and I enjoyed my whole first day.”

Judy Kesler


“I get so much out of it I’m glad I’m spinning with u all!”

Matt Perros